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Social Studies 

Courses Duration

3 Months

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Courses Phase

10-12 Hours/Month

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An Edge Over Others With Creative Educational Initiatives And Engaging Practice Assignments

Nurture Academy offers online Social Science tuitions classes that focuses on providing students with the necessary tools and resources needed to excel in their studies. Nurture Academy social science classes available for students from standard 1 all the way up to standard 12, catering for just about every student’s needs. Nurture Tute, Nurture Academy’s powerful platform, provides comprehensive guidance and tuition topics in social science tailored to fit curriculums from all over India, making it easy for students to access additional content relating to their studies.

Nurture Academy puts special focus into covering real world scenarios that found in everyday life. With its numerous videos, examples and pictures related to all fields of social sciences, Nurture Academy also has several experienced primary and secondary school tutors available who provide independent video lectures or 1-1 video call sessions depending on what a student feels they need. Nurture academy is committed to providing accessible social sciences learning solution; Nurturing a generation of intellectuals!


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